Sleepy Bumble

Have you ever wondered how creatures live outside? I wonder what it is like to sleep outside every night like most animals do. Can you imagine being a cow for example sleeping on the ground, under a tree, a different day a different paddock. Or a skink, do they sleep under the same rock each night? Everytime I rescue a skink from my house bought in by the cat I try to release it on a warm rock where it can regain some energy and scuttle off to recover. I wonder if that skink will find its way back to its favourite part of the garden or did I completely upset his routine by putting him into a completely new zone where he has to learn his way around and find a new sleeping rock. Did I accidentally cause a feud by putting him in the middle of another skink’s territory? Do skinks have territories?

I also wonder about evicted spiders. Clearly I haven’t returned them to their current web, does that mean they have to quickly build one for the night? or do they just rough it until daylight. We have an amazing orb web spider in our garden that has to rebuild her web almost every day when I accidentally walk through it. I would love to share of photo of this one with you but I really struggle to get my point n shoot camera to focus on the web.

The worst part about sleeping outside must be the rain and snow. I took this photo of the bumble bee very early in the morning after a night of rain. There was several bumble bees on this Maungapiko shrub completely saturated and moving very slowly. They must have been keen for the sun to dry them out so they could get on with their day of busyness. Some insects get to live inside like honey bees and ants. Owls live in hollow trees of course so they’re ok. If I was a bird perched in a tree overnight, I think the best strategy would be to get their first and let other birds perch beside me.

Even though I like camping, I love my cosy man-made bed infinitely more. We humans are so very lucky to live and sleep in comfort inside, in the same place with the safety of walls, windows and doors. Just imagine our ancestors that travelled to NZ by ship slept on little more than some wool and horse hair bound together with string and heavy cotton to make a mattress for the three month journey. Or the people who live on our city streets on a piece of cardboard. Its rough.

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