Puddle Muddle

Here’s a perplexing thought for you. Puddles disappear. They drain away and evaporate. But how does the water evaporate on an ordinary day? We all know that water has three states. Frozen when below zero degrees Celsius, liquid between zero and 100 degrees and vapour above 100degrees. Surely the puddle doesn’t get to 100 degrees! So how does it evaporate?

Don’t worry, there is an answer to this riddle. I know the answer but I still find it amusing that we carry out our daily lives unaware that we can have two facts in our minds that aren’t consistent with each other i.e. puddles evaporate at normal daytime temperature and water only converts to gas at 100degrees Celsius.

Here’s another one I discovered a few weeks ago. wind and wind are spelt the same way. Windy weather to wind the horses up into a crazed frenzy. In my mind they were completely different words that I had never connected as being a homonym. Who knew!

One thought on “Puddle Muddle

  1. if one has taken high school physics, one would know that water (or any liquid) would evaporate at any temperature (even below the boiling point). The mechanism of how this happen is that the water molecules on the surface can temporarily gain enough energy to evaporate through molecular collision in a microscopic level, and so a small part of water actually does evaporate. The higher the temperature, the higher rate the evaporation occurs.

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