Natural Street Lighting

Imagine a street lit up with glowing trees rather than filament bulbs! Not only would it be spectacular and enchanting but also a major public demonstration of how technology can mimic, learn and use nature rather than consume and suppress it. The clever people at are trying to make this a reality. Watch this video from kick starter, a fund sourcing website.

They’re not the only ones who are working on the idea. No-one has actually grown a tree yet. But it doesn’t take much imagination to leap from their small plants to a full size tree in a few years. Yes it is genetic modification but so what? humans are a legitimate part of the ecosystem and we have a profound effect on our surroundings. Nothing is going to change that besides an apocalyptic disaster… even then some humans are likely to survive in a bomb shelter or submarine somewhere.

I’m getting off topic. Apparently they can print DNA sequences! I have no idea how that works but its also a bit disturbing the way they get the glowing gene into the plant. They alter a special bacteria with the glowing gene and then dip the plant into a solution of that bacteria so it can ‘inject’ or ‘infect’ the plant’s cell nuclei.

Technical stuff aside (its all explained in detail on their website), the best part about this project is they’re not keeping the method a secret, they’re giving it away and printing it in books and providing the bacteria DNA in vials so that other clever people around the world can continue the legacy. I think this shows an open minded strategy. Knowledge is no longer power like it was a few decades ago. Therefore knowledge is no longer valuable enough to keep it secret no matter what industry you operate in. So what is the world’s current power paradigm?

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