Meet the vertical green wall designer Patrick Blanc

green wall garden

Vertical Garden Design Video with Patrick Blanc..

Video found on

The thing I love about Banc’s approach to the design of green walls is he chooses plants that want to be there. Plants that naturally cling to a rock face in the wild. These plants are already accustomed to flowing water rich in nutrients washing off the mineral rocks. They’ve adapted to putting their roots into crevices not soil composted soil. Then Blanc recreates their environment with materials that allow the plants to continue doing what they do best and he washes it all down with nutrient rich water used in hydroponics. Simple and effective. And he hasn’t kept the method a secret. There are no specially designed products. You can make one at home with woolen felt, PVC, a trough, irrigation and a water pump.

I learned about Patrick Blanc’s work when I was studying Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University. It inspired me so much I attempted to make my own green wall with lettuces in the botany department’s greenhouses. As with all first attempts, it wasn’t perfect. I leaked a fair bit but the lettuces grew well. I’d love to have another go at it sometime. I’ll kept a visual diary for you when I do.

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