Ink people

people sketches 001

Landscapes are all about people and how we use them, enjoy them, and perceive them. Unfortunately I’m better at drawing plants than people so every now and then I sit down for some practice. This is today’s 30 min practice while I waited for some big files to down load. I try to make them dynamic and interesting by including all sorts of different types of people. The key is, they have to be quick and easy to do because no one pays me to draw people but they are useful when illustrating the scale and use of a landscaped space.

If you’re trying to draw people, here are a few tips. Always put the approx eye level at the horizon line of your perspective drawing. And the head should be about 1/7th of the body height. Children have a similar size head to adults so the 1/7th rule doesn’t apply. Their bodies are also big but they have short limbs.

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