I am Kirsten Wilson (nee O’Connor). I am a Landscape Architect in Christchurch New Zealand. I studied at Lincoln University and I also have a Bachelor of Commerce from Otago University.

Outlandish Landscapes offers a new design service in Christchurch but here online I like to discuss the things that inspire me or rial me up. Things that are important to people and our landscapes. After all, where would we be without the land beneath our feet? floating and hungry.

I’m inspired by great ideas that are cleverly different but so simple like arborsculpture started by John Krubsack,  The million dollar webpage created by Alex Tew, Patrick Blanc’s green wall design and fruit in a bottle.

In my own time I have followed a few of my own creative ideas. I’ve grown an experimental greenwall made from woolen felt. I had a go at arborsculpture with willows. I successfully reseeded my neighbours barren property with wild flowers and built a pallet pavilion with Christchurch’s Gap Filler.

working from home on my dining table

working from home on my dining table

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