Sketch at The Commons

Concept for The Commons, Christchurch

Concept for The Commons, Christchurch

Promising to create a new habit like a drawing a day is always harder than anticipated. I haven’t produced a sketch for this blog for a few days. My excuse is I’ve been flat out with other projects. This is a sketch from one of them. It is part of a revised concept for The Commons in Christchurch. The Commons is the place where the Pallet Pavilion once was. Another neat project by Gap Filler – a community organisations that invented themselves after the earthquakes of 2010 2011 and 2012 destroyed a lot of buildings and left a lot of gravel ugly gaps in our city.

Twin Peaks: Gravel Walk With Me

Kirsten Wilson:

Personally I think that Mr lynch must have some other agenda in order to prompt him to criticise Gap Filler and The Commons without doing any sort of looking into what Gap Filler are actually doing and planning to do with the Former Crowne Plaza site.
Watch this space for updates on the design plan for the corner site called ‘The Commons’ in Christchurch,. NZ

Originally posted on Rebuilding Christchurch:

In 2012, Lonely Planet named Christchurch one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. Gap Filler was a large part in that:

Don’t miss playing a few ends at the Lyttelton Petanque Club, a development from the Gap Filler Charitable Trust, a community initiative that’s reinvigorating derelict spaces around Christchurch. Another Gap Filler project, the Think Differently Book Exchange, sits on the corner of Barbadoes and Kilmore Streets on the edge of the CBD. Just look for the retro fridge crammed with assorted tomes available to swap.

The New York Times named Christchurch #2 on it’s “52 place to go in 2014“;

Though much of the central city has yet to be rebuilt, entrepreneurs and volunteers are finding surprising ways to make temporary use of empty lots and bring life back to the downtown. The Gap Filler program, begun a couple of months after…

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Residential Design Sketch

June 13

Residential Design Sketch


At last a work related sketch. This is a residential design project I’m working on currently. Sometimes I find it is easier to design from this perspective rather than in plan view (birds eye view). It is people we are designing for so it only makes sense that we make this point of view the priority when exploring design options. Later I will translate the design I’ve drawn here into the plan view so that it is all to scale and a contractor can follow it to install everything correctly. With experience, Landscape Architects (or any other designer like an Architect) can imagine the outcome they want and draw that straight onto plan view but there is a risk in drawing in plan view upfront which is designing something that looks its best from the air. That’s great for google earth browsers but what about the people on the ground?

Pac Man on the Table

Peter the Eater

Peter the Eater



Yikes its getting hard to fit in a sketch EVERY day. Today’s is a very quick doodle during my coffee break. I have pac man on the brain at the moment because of a neat idea I had on a current design project. That won’t make sense now but it might in a few weeks. Stay tuned.