Gap Filler is a community organisation in Christchurch created after the series of earthquakes in 2010-2012. As a very new landscape architect, they asked me to be on the design team for a very special project; the pallet pavilion. What an amazing experience! Over a series of months, we planned and designed this pavilion before we had the gap for it. The gap turned out to the be site of the Crowne Plaza hotel which was demolished after severe earthquake damage. ┬áThe pavilion is not really a building or a landscape. Its used like an outdoor community hall for all sorts of events, performances, gatherings, parties and socialising day and night. As you can see it is made out of shipping pallets. Blue CHEP shipping pallets. The idea is, everything that went into this pavilion will come out again when it is deconstructed. That’s right, it’s a temporary project. It was going to be pulled down before winter 2013 but there has been so much enthusiasm to keep it open for another summer that we have an opportunity to keep it open by helping to pay for it’s security and maintenance for winter.

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